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Cooking With Certified Angus Beef

If it’s not certified, it’s not the best—which is why Schnucks is proud to offer tender, juicy Certified Angus Beef®. Certified to taste great every time, this beef meets 10 exacting standards to ensure grilling greatness.

Cooking With Certified Angus Beef

Not All Angus is Created Equal

Each Certified Angus Beef cut meets 10 quality standards, making it more selective than USDA Prime, Choice and Select. This ensures each cut is incredibly juicy, amazingly tender and full of flavor.

Find the Perfect Cut

From strip steak to brisket, Certified Angus Beef offers the perfect cut for every recipe. Be prepared to meat your match when you browse the selection.

Strip Steak

A flavorful, lean cut from the short loin, known for its tenderness and versatility.


A well-marbled, juicy cut from the rib section, prized for its rich flavor and tenderness.


A generous cut containing both sirloin and tenderloin, separated by a T-shaped bone.


A lean cut from the breast section, known for its versatility when slow-cooked.

Mouthwatering Recipes
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We’ve taken the guesswork out of meal planning. Try these recipes with Certified Angus Beef.

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10 Quality Standards

Certified Angus Beef meets 10 quality standards to ensure consistent quality, making every bite incredibly juicy and tender. Here’s a look into the standards.

Marbling – The Key to Flavor

1. Amount: Marbling, the small flecks of fat within the beef, is the main contributor of juiciness, flavor and tenderness. Beef with more marbling can be cooked to higher temperatures and still be juicy.

2. Texture: To ensure consistency in every bite, our beef must have medium to finely textured marbling. Coarse marbling is less desirable.

Maturity Delivers Optimal Tenderness and Color

3. Cattle must be less than 30 months of age by dentition and only with A-maturity lean color.

Consistent Sizing Delivers Thicker, More Uniform Cuts

4. 10- to 16-square inch ribeye area: ensures more uniform cuts throughout the carcass. A heavy lip-on ribeye doesn’t always mean a large eye—it might simply be longer, with the potential to get one to two more steaks. Our “heavy” or “up” ribeye will still offer a product with consistently sized steaks, while other programs may include 16-inch or larger ribeyes even in a “light” box.

5. 1,050-pound hot carcass weight or less: works in conjunction with our ribeye area specification to deliver less variation in each box, even as beef carcasses throughout the industry are larger.

6. 1-inch or less fat thickness: helps control overall leanness and yield.

Appearance and Tenderness

7. Superior muscling assures a premium, uniform plate presentation.

8. Meat must be practically free of capillary rupture, which delivers a more appealing appearance.

9. Certified Angus Beef doesn’t allow dark cutters which ensures consistent appearance and flavor.

10. Certified Angus Beef eliminates significant Brahman influence to ensure tenderness.

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