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Our Supplier Diversity program focuses on businesses that are at least 51% owned, operated AND managed by an individual or group that is a US citizen or permanent legal US resident, and fits in one or more of the categories listed. In the case of a publicly owned business, at least 51% of the stock must be owned by one or more diverse owners that is a US citizen or permanent legal US resident, and fits in one or more of the categories listed. The categories include: Asian American, Black/African American, Disabled Person, Hispanic/Latin American, LGBT Person, Native American, U.S. Military Veteran or Woman.

Our Vision

At Schnuck Markets, Inc. (“SMI” or “Schnucks”) we strive to nourish customers’ lives and provide an outstanding customer experience by being the friendliest stores in town. We rely heavily on our vendor partnerships to help optimize our supply chain, maintain excellent in-stock position and keep prices low with the goal to provide the best service possible to our communities.

Our Mission

At Schnucks, it is our mission to utilize our brand promise and COMET values (directly below) to improve the customer experience by nourishing people's lives.

Our Values

Customer First:

We are a customer-centric organization which works to maintain 1:1 customer relationships.

One Team Of Merchants:

We are one team of merchants who support each other in working towards a common goal.

Midwest Family Values:

We are a company who places a strong emphasis on corporate citizenship and ethics.

Execute To Win:

We set high expectations for ourselves because we value the impact we make on our communities.

Try New Things:

We are constantly challenging ourselves to step outside our comfort zones and embrace change as a competitive advantage.

Warehouse Policy

This Vendor Compliance Policy will allow us to perpetuate and improve our current vendor relationships. It is imperative that you read this document in its entirety and adhere to all outlined policies. This policy applies to the following facilities: Bridgeton Dry, North Park Dry, North Park Fresh and Vinita Park Coldstor. It does not apply to pharmacy warehouse shipments or direct store deliveries. Procurement teams may impose additional specifications on orders. Schnuck Markets reserves the right to maintain separate policies, rules and regulations for pharmacy warehouse shipments and direct store deliveries.

For any questions regarding Schnucks’ vendor compliance program, please email vendorcompliance@schnucks.com.

Direct Store Deliveries (DSD) Policy

This DSD Vendor Compliance Policy is a comprehensive collection of all requirements from our billing and crediting process to our food safety and store safety requirements. It will help ensure efficiency for both our vendor community and our stores as well as provide safe and secure working environments for all. It is imperative you read this document in its entirety and adhere to all outlined policies. Please keep in mind that this document is subject to change.

For any questions regarding Schnucks DSD Vendor Compliance program, please email dsdvendorcompliance@schnucks.com.

Food Safety Requirements For Suppliers

Our mission is to nourish people’s lives by ensuring the best products to our customers. We do this by stipulating that all food suppliers conform to all local, state, national, and international regulatory requirements applicable to their product and operations. In addition, suppliers are required to comply with the Schnucks Food Safety Requirements for Suppliers guide.

For any questions regarding the Schnucks Food Safety Requirements for Suppliers, please email qualityassurance@schnucks.com.

Supplier Diversity

Schnucks has been serving customers for more than 80 years, growing from a single, small confectionery to a leading regional supermarket chain. We still follow the same values we have since 1939: Friendliness, Service, Quality, Variety, Value, Integrity and Innovation. We started small, and we want to support small, diverse and local suppliers.

We launched a formal Supplier Diversity program in November 2020 in our efforts to better reflect the communities we serve, to promote opportunity and innovation, and to stimulate local economies.