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Spring Is in the Air Fryer

The air fryer isn’t just a trendy kitchen gadget for frozen french fries. Use our handy chart to perfectly roast your favorite veggies!

Spring Is in the Air Fryer

First Things First

Start by spraying your prepped veggies with cooking spray and seasoning as desired.

Flip & Toss

Flipping (or tossing) halfway through is essential for evenly cooked, crispy food.

Don't Overcrowd

A crowded basket prevents air from circulating, keeping food from cooking evenly.

Cook Times

VegetablePrepTemp.Cook Time
AsparagusEnds trimmed370º8-10 Min.
Baked potatoes7 oz., whole400º35-40 Min.
Broccoli1-inch florets370º8 Min.
Brussels sproutsTrimmed and halved350º10-13 Min.
Corn on the cobShucked400º14 Min.
Cauliflower1-inch florets380º8 Min.
EggplantSliced 1/4-inch thick380º8 Min.
Green beansTrimmed370º8-9 Min.
Sweet potatoes7 oz., whole400º35-40 Min.
ZucchiniHalved, sliced 1/2-inch thick350º7-8 Min.