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Pet Products

Everything Your Pet Needs To Be Happy & Healthy

Just like our human products, quality is everything to us. Whether your pet has fur or feathers, your satisfaction in our pet products is important. Plus, the added convenience of getting your pets’ food at the same place as yours is something to love. They might even get a new toy!

We Deliver!

Don’t forget that we offer pet food, treats and other supplies that can be added to your Schnucks Delivers order.

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Helping customers maintain their pets’ health and well-being by offering affordable quality food, treats, toys and accessories. With over 185 offerings including grain-free or protein-first recipes, Paws Happy Life helps the furry household members thrive.

Paws Happy Life products are available in our Missouri, western Illinois and Indiana stores.

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Our mission is to provide whole plate nutrition to help your pet thrive. Our high-quality pet food provides options that include meat, poultry and fish as the first ingredient, and is carefully blended with real, wholesome ingredients. Our line includes grain-free options specially formulated to give your furry friend everything they need to thrive.

Pure Harmony products are available in our Rockford, Illinois, DeKalb, Illinois and Janesville, Wisconsin stores.